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Vitality members who are 18 and older on an active Vitality membership may use this benefit.

There is a fee of R 290 or the Vitality Nutrition Assessment. Members pay you cash on the day they have the assessment. If members have a Discovery Health Plan (or another medical scheme membership that covers the Vitality Nutrition Assessment), with a Medical Savings Account and available funds, they can claim this amount from the Scheme. The member can claim the amount from Discovery Health. Discovery LIFE PLAN policyholders have to pay you upfront. Please go to or phone 0860 99 88 77 for more details about the fee. The claim should include the following code in order to be paid. VNUTR ICD10 - Z71.3 - R 290.

Vitality members will earn 5000 Vitality points for one Vitality Nutrition Assessment a year. They also earn 1000 bonus Vitality points for having their weight assessed and this can be boosted to 5000 bonus points if it is in the healthy range. Members also earn 5 000 Vitality points if they fill in the non-smoker's declaration once a year. Please go to for more information about the Vitality points.

Members may have more than one Vitality Nutrition Assessment a year, however, they will not earn more points for these assessments.

Discovery Vitality is not responsible for injuries to Vitality members using your facility to have the Vitality Nutrition Assessment.

Members must bring the following with them to their appointments:

  • Discovery medical aid membership card
  • The fee for the Vitality Nutrition Assessment
  • Names of all the medications and supplements that you are currently taking
  • Copies of your most recent cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure measurements
  • Copies or results of recent blood tests (for example cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure) or preventive screening results and body composition measurements (height, weight, waist circumference, body fat percentage preferably done during a Vitality Health Check at a pharmacy ), if available.
The assessment takes 30-40 minutes to complete. You will be asked a variety of questions on your family, medical, biochemistry history and dietary pattern and lifestyle habits. You will be given a report summarising your results

To calculate the correct range for body weight Body Mass Index (BMI) is used. The correct range is a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9. This is calculated by using weight and height measurements. You can have as many Vitality nutritional assessments conducted in a year, however you will only earn points for one of the assessments.

Please use the website booking form below to book for a vitality assessment in the Johannesburg North Area. For your convenience a dietician will be able to come to your office or home to conduct the assessment.

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